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Get authentic French vintage and French antique items, all from the comfort of your own home!

We scour the French capital and countryside for these authentic, timeless items. We hand-select jewelry, furniture, porcelain, kitchen elements & much, much more. Our agents are expertly trained to fine-comb all of the locations they visit, which include Brocantes (specialized French antiquarian markets), antique shops, and flea markets, among others. They pick only the most authentic vintage & antique items so that you can rest assured that everything you are getting is in good taste, in mint condition, and infused with that inexplicable savoir faire - know-how - that gives things a unique French flair.

French brocante

The antique furniture and kitchenware ranges from the timeless glamor of a Louis XV chaise lounge or delicately painted, wavy dresser through the Mucha-inspired classic decorative Art Nouveau style of furnishing - items like hand-painted tryptics on Japanese screens or armoires - and all the way through to the more modern vibe of the Nouvelle Vague in the 60s, the wild, monochromatic Warholesque designs of the 1970s, and the starkly minimal, tasteful vibe of the 90s and early 2000s.

This is typically French furniture and accessories straight from the source, to help give your home and look that je-ne-sais-quoi of sophistication it's been missing, which will give you an automatic grace and upper hand in all of your social interactions.

We package and ship the priceless items we find personally, and send them anywhere in the world! Order all the French vintage and French antique items your heart desires, all from a trusted, authentic French source.

Vintage touch

Home vintage

Furniture, dishes, decoration, silverware... sublimate your home with French vintage products !

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If you looking for a very particular product, ask us to find it for you in France.

Imported from France

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All products are from France, they are bought in the secondhand, flea markets and stores of antiquity.

The Vintage is an atmosphere, a time travel, chic and glamorous.


Do you want a particular product vintage French for your home? Contact us to order a chair, coffee table, coffee cup, dress, bronze statue, ancient book, porcelain service, post cinema, champagne bucket... we'll find it for you in flea markets and in antique shops to found your crush.